According to this designer, the Kate Middleton effect ‘ruined’ her entire label

There’s no denying that Kate Middleton probably has one of the biggest influences on the fashion industry than any other public figure. After all, there aren’t many other famous faces that can cause a single item to sell-out within minutes of being snapped wearing

In an interview with You, Daniella describes how Issa was previously in some financial trouble before the 2010 engagement announcement.

‘Only the previous year the label was on the verge of financial crisis; it wasn’t all rose-tinted glasses,’ Daniella told You. ‘Issa was a niche brand, we had a loyal following but in 2008 and 2009 we were in serious financial trouble.

‘When Kate wore that dress everything changed.’

Daniella describes how she had no idea Kate was going to wear the dress for the photo call and therefore couldn’t prep any stock for the demand.

In fact, after just five minutes the dress had completely sold out and Daniella was inundated with requests for orders. ‘It has always been my bestselling dress. I sold 1,110 of them in one order to Neiman Marcus in New York’, Daniella told You.


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